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Software And RFID Reader Solution

First Tech Tracking System is providing the best software and RFID Reader Solutions to clients for gaining that extra security measure for their premises. Our customers will definitely experience world-class quality in our offered range which includes software for management of assets, jewelery, inventory and library, to name a few. The Radio Frequency Identification Readers (RFID) are devices that transfer data by using radio waves and gather information from an RFID tag which are used for tracking information.  These devices are very useful because they are not directly scanned, doesn’t require line of sights, scan up to 3 to 300 feet, enables fast reading of a particle product even if it is surrounded by several other objects.
Vila Lock With Rfid
Vila Lock With Rfid
Apartment/Villa/Officers locks w 5ID Card keys & 2 machincal key (silver) Zink Alloy with Solidity Nature Mechanical Key Supported Free Handle to Prevent External Stress 256 Record of Door Opening Community, Office Entrance Guard Application: Apartments, Parking Lot, Residence